Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baseball Needs A Change

There is a new phenomenon in Major League Baseball. The New York Yankees will not be particiapting in the Fall Classic this year. In there place will be the upstart Tampa Bay Rays who seem to have got the "devil" off their back with a name change before the season which as been the best season in franchise history. This a feel good story of the year along with the emergance of the Cubs as World Series favorites. However with all the drama that is occuring in baseball this year this excitment will not be seen in the playoffs due the way MLB playoffs are set up. You can win 90 games in a year but be second and and not get into the playoff because another team won 91. The NFL plays 16 games and 6 teams get in the NHL and NBA play 82 and 8 teams get in but in MLB you play 162 and only 4 get in.

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