Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Breakin Down the Trades Part 1

Mavs and Wizards make 7 Player Deal

To Dallas- Brendan Haywood, Caron Butler, DeShawn Stevenson
To Washington- Josh Howard, Drew Gooden, James Singelton, Quinton Ross

This is a good trade for both sides. Dallas gets another 7 footer to protect the basket and they get some athletic wings to fill the break by Kidd. Washington starts the much anticipated fire sale. Dallas can now go very big with Dampier, Haywood, Nowitzki, Marion, and Kidd ( what a 2-3 zone that would be). Semi big with Haywood, Dirk, Marion, Butler,and Kidd. Or small with Dirk, Marion, Butler, Terry, and Kidd. Now the Mavs have some some athletic players to join the high scoring Dirk and Terry. If Stevenson and big some of his high energy dunks off the bench then they will have a core that can match any team. Dallas was not forced to trade Rodrigue Beaubois, so they managed to not sacrifice any young talent. Also rumor is that the Wizards are going to buy out Gooden which would allow him to come back to Dallas in 30 days.

Final Grade: A- (will change to an A if they get Gooden back)

For the Wizards they hope that a change in scenary will allow Josh Howard to play like his old self. They gain some cap relief this off season with Howard's, Ross's and Singelton's contract coming off the books. However they will buy out Gooden and lose high inside play. If they can resign Howard and he returns to All-Star form the trade will be ok for them. However they weren't able to get any draft picks for young talent such as JJ Barea or the a fore mentioned Rodrigue Beaubois.

Final Grade C-

Camby heads to Portland in Three Player Deal

The Portland Trailblazer have added a defensive presence to lineup as they acquired Marcus Camby from the Clippers. They Blazers sent Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw, and cash considerations to the Clippers.

This trade is an upgrade for the Blazers who have been getting outplayed at the center position while Jwuan Howard has been trying to fill in for Greg Oden, and Joel Pryzbilla. This trade now opens up for minutes for Bayless and for Batum and Rudy. With the signing of Miller this summer Blake was always going to be the odd man out even with his 289 career starts. The Blazers had hoped for Haywood but Camby is the next best thing, even though he is older, he can still score, rebound, and block shots.

Final Grade- A

The Clippers again wasted another valuable trade asset. They did get back a player in his prime in Outlaw but he will probably leave this summer as FA. This does open up minutes for youngster DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin next season. Luckily the Clips still have All-Star Chris Kaman. Next year does look better for the Clips if they can retain Outlaw. As their lineup would be Davis, Gordon, Outlaw/Thorton, Griffin, and Kaman.

Final Grade- C+ (will go to a B+ if they retain Outlaw and Griffin has a good rookie campaign next to Kaman)

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